Realtor in Derwood Maryland


In December 2011, I became a realtor.  As I have guided clients through successful real estate transactions, I acquired my own taste for real estate investing. I have purchased five properties so far in Maryland  and I am experienced a very good return on my investments. I think that now (  2015  ) is an excellent time to buy real estate since values are going up again after a few years of slow time. There are many financial measurement rates of return, including cash flows from rentals and increases in market value.  We can estimate those but the bottom line is that as long as you can bring in monthly from your real estate investments more your money could bring from alternative investments you are doing ok.  I would be happy to show the return on my investments and to guide clients through this same process. I then purchased properties that needed rehah, fixed them, got a mortgage on them rented and the rental income is paying now for the mortgage. 


I grew up in Rome, Italy and my passions are motorcycles, traveling and just generally enjoying life.  A graduate of the Cornell School of Engineering in computer science, I have a successful website about living in Italy -- for me that means living all things Italy  -- food, wine, music, dance, festivals, and wonderful vacations -- just to name a few.  Check out  I love my website but now that it's running smoothly, I needed something more to do so I decided to seek life improvements for my clients through real estate. I have always been passionate about real estate and after I did a couple of successful transactions in Italy, I decided to do the same here in the US where I live.


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